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Ready to make a change in your life but stuck on making a decision?

So you know you want to make a change in your life, but you are stuck on making a decision.

To achieve a POSITIVE CHANGE in your life you have to make a CHOICE.

How do you take that step? You already know how to.

Let me give you some information to remind you, on the decision making process.

The decision-making process in 3 Steps:

You may be at a fork in your life, faced with a personal, professional, psychological or social life problem. Or an opportunity has come along and you can’t decide on whether or not to take that step and go for the change.

It’s so tricky, isn’t it? Usually, we go about our daily lives making automatic choices. A decision like, having 2 biscuits at our tea break, or having a large glass of wine with our evening meal. Even though these are automatic, they are still choices we make. The problem comes when we find that we have put on weight. But first, we got to recognise the problem and believe that the problem exists. We see that cutting out the bad habit will help solve the problem and so we act and make a choice to change the habit.

But sometimes it’s not as simple as that is it?

The difficulties:

For some, it is more difficult than others.

There is a whole range of factors that come into play. Our experiences, beliefs, emotions, feelings and the influence of other people amongst a few.

My experience/problem:

Let me tell you about a problem I had.

I found myself coming home everyday shattered from my housekeeping job. So tired in fact that I had no energy for anything else. The weekends were recovery time if I didn’t work.

After a while, my body just wasn’t recovering so I took regular painkillers. At this point, I was already thinking I needed to work less and have more recovery time. I was thinking about a change in the very near future. But what about paying the bills?

Me being me, I took on more and more. I had planned 4 weeks off in my motorhome in the autumn though.


By the time the holiday came, I was fit to drop and really telling myself I was better than this, enough was enough.

Belief in me and I knew there was a SOLUTION.

I had plenty of experience, skills, professional qualifications in therapy, social work and art and design. I had my own online business in the past and had management experience. Ok, I thought. There has to be an opportunity out there for me. So I placed myself in a place where I believed I could make a change and I was able to.

ACTION time.

The empowering bit. Doing it for myself. Exciting!

WARNING! This is the bit where it can all go wrong!

Some people, however, talk themselves out of these later stages, with negative self-talk. They start to convince themselves they aren’t ready, can’t do it, not confident, not the right time, making excuse after excuse. They perhaps get scared and fearful, they think it’s too risky, they don’t trust and they start listening to what others tell them like they can’t achieve etc… Well, let me be blunt and honest. These are all negative thoughts and you are capable and you have the potential to achieve the things you want, you just got to make the choice apply yours and go for it. Otherwise, you will find yourself back to moaning, not enjoying your work. Living an unfulfilled life and unhappy. It’s up to you. If you don’t make a choice to take these steps then there is no point in seeking the solution to the problem is there?The problem cannot be significant enough to warrant action.

Making the step to RESOLVE THE PROBLEM

For me, I viewed it as if those negative thoughts and feelings were just hurdles. I was going to leap right over them. I smashed through all those fears and believed in my abilities and most of all ME. I told myself nothing bad was going to come from making a decision to take the next step. I stepped right into it. Not quite as automatic as the choice of having a glass of wine but it did feel good. THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE A POSITIVE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE IS TO MAKE A CHOICE.

You know this. Trust in you.

If this makes sense then I encourage you to walk through this process. Trust in yourself and you will take that step in making a change and feel excited.

If you think someone else will benefit from reading this. Please share with them. Oops! Another choice made right there. This also makes us feel good, doesn’t it? Sharing is caring.

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Love n hugs. Be happy.


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