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You are your most Valuable Resource. Invest in you, discover your Inner Self.

You are your most valuable resource. Investing in yourself may be the best investment you will ever make.

More and more of us are looking to find satisfaction on an inner level.

What would you call it?:

  • Self-actualization
  • An awakening
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • or other…

There are many activities that help us experience and enable us to connect with our inner self:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Stress management
  • Therapies
  • Courses/Training
  • Reading
  • Like minded people and or groups
  • other

We may tap into different experiences at different times in our lives. The path you choose now will be the ‘now’ one.

This ‘now’ path will require, time commitment and money.

Do this simple exercise I wrote down from the book: ”Introducing NLP” by Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour.

  1. Write down all the personal development activities you have done over the last 1-10 years (your own time scale). Ones that have had a lasting benefit or effect. (book, group, course…Not chocolate or wine!)
  2. Now against each one write down the financial cost and the benefit you got from it.
  3. What was your total income from that period?
  4. What was the percentage of your activity to your income for that period? for example, 1 year £10 activities. £10,000 income = 0.1%

An average workplace spends between 1-2% on their staff. A successful company spends 10%

The percentage is a reflection of how much you value yourself.

You are your most valuable resource. Investing in yourself may be the best investment you can make.

If you want to change your lifestyle, work situation and or bank balance then first CHANGE YOUR THINKING.

You are reading this. You know there is more to life. You already are your best resource. You can gain skills and tools to make changes.

What I know is that investing in training has considerable more benefits and value than investing in books and is worth careful consideration.

I can highly recommend the training and mentorship that I have been going through. If you want to find out more then click on this link. Fill out your email and we will send you a 7-day video series. 1 per day. Just make sure it doesn’t pop up in your spam box. You’ll have a choice to join whichever training programme you feel you want at any time but, only when you and our mentors think you are a fit. To find out everything, click on the link, or the link in the header-free video series.

I feel transformed. I look differently at earning an income and at my life. With self-belief and me as a resource, anything is possible. I am on a mission to help others wake up to connect and believe in themselves.

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Best Wishes and hope to see you on the inside? Love Delly

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