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You are your most Valuable Resource. Invest in you, discover your Inner Self.

You are your most valuable resource. Investing in yourself may be the best investment you will ever make. More and more of us are looking to find satisfaction on an inner level. What would you call it?: Self-actualization An awakening Personal Development Spiritual Development or other… There are many activities that help us experience and […]

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What is Freedom? What does freedom look like for you?

Freedom for me is choosing to bond with my inner self. When I do, I do not need anything from anyone else and I do not deprive myself of who I am. When I can respect other peoples freedom, I am respecting my own. Deep down I crave freedom from my own external controlled responses. […]

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Using the 6 Human needs we can uncover what stops people from their own happiness and fulfillment

Gaining an understanding of the 6 human needs can uncover what stops someone from his or her own happiness and fulfillment.  Our unhealthy and unsustainable habits can lead us to frustration, anxiety stress and even depression. These feelings and behaviors become dysfunctional as there is a continual inability to meet the 6 basic human needs. […]

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Ready to make a change in your life but stuck on making a decision?

So you know you want to make a change in your life, but you are stuck on making a decision. To achieve a POSITIVE CHANGE in your life you have to make a CHOICE. How do you take that step? You already know how to. Let me give you some information to remind you, on […]

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Hello Everyone

A very warm welcome to my webpage from me Delly Booth or Adele Booth.